Why Choose Chris bradley?

As Videography has entered the wedding industry, it has almost been an extension of photography. As I moved from video work focused largely in the outdoor world and into filming weddings, I noticed something was missing - a film! The standard for wedding videos seems to be this very elegant 4-6 minute video with some slow motion footage of the wedding day and a song overlaying the video.

There is nothing wrong with this, but wedding films can be so much more! That is why I seek to make your film more than just a music video. A wedding film should be full of emotion and stories. What led up to the wedding day? who are the people getting married? How did they meet and why are they in love? These questions has led to a different style of a filming. A style that fits more like an emotional documentary where you get to hear a story. It is still focused on the wedding day! That is the main story, but what about the stories that lead up to the main story? I want to try and capture some of that as well!

Shaking up the Industry

What might this look like for you? If you would like to jump on a consultation call and discuss the type of wedding film we can make for you please fill out the below. Also, I don't like sales calls and don't even provide a custom invoice until after a consultation call, so I won't even ask for any sort of commitment! Consultation calls are meant for me to discover what you are looking for and make sure that Chris Bradley Productions is a good fit.

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