The Art of Storytelling

When it comes to making a wedding film, there are many different styles. One of the most common, and unfortunate styles of wedding videos is almost a predictable cookie cutter process. It goes something like this:

1. Get shots of the couple getting ready (and of course the dress)
2. Shoot the ceremony
3, Shoot speeches and first dance
4. Get a couple shots of the post ceremony celebrations
5. Paste it together nice in a timeline, add a song, and voila!

Don't believe me? Go watch a few wedding videos and see if you can notice this trend laid out in a 4-6 minute theme, video after video.

The old way of doing things

As I transitioned from the videos I was working on to filming weddings, I quickly noticed this trend and decided almost immediately that I didn't want to fit this cookie cutter trend of videos. Instead, I wanted to make wedding films. Films with a story that shared more of the emotions, story, and life of those involved. As I started to figure out how exactly I wanted to make this style of video and create my style, I noticed there where other filmmakers out there like me, we just weren't the majority. As I continued to grow and learn, my style has evolved into what it is today, a documentary style of story telling focused on not just "the big day", but the many days that lead up to the big day.

It's time for a change

Wedding films are not just about the day of the wedding, they are about many days that have resulted in the coming together and covenant making between two people, and there is a much bigger story there! That is why, in watching a Chris Bradley film, you will notice interviews, letters, discussions, and even footage from more than just the wedding day. My goal is to not only show the wedding day. That is a goal, yes! However, it is not the only goal. As I begin the process of creating your film, I seek to uncover the deeper story, the story that has led up to you being here, now, reading this as you search for someone to capture your wedding day. I do this through a variety of ways, to see examples of what this outcome looks like, please click here to see my portfolio.

The Art of Storytelling

Wedding & Documentary Filmmaker