"It is the desire to create films, tell stories, and capture memories that drives my passion."

You spend a significant amount of your time and money to create a day that celebrates the covenant between you and your fiance. To not document such an experience would be tragic, and to truly capture the wedding day, we must uncover the story.

Behind every wedding is a love story. A story that extends well beyond a single day or a single event. It is a collection of many moments, emotions, memories, and even struggles. That is why I work to uncover and document the wedding day through capturing the romance and details of not just the wedding day, but the moments that culminate in the wedding day.

Not sure what this looks like? Watch the below video for an example of how I do this.

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A God Centered Summer Wedding

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My style of filming involves documenting the moments, emotions, and environment of couples who value the idea of capturing the romance and details of their love story, because behind every wedding is a much grater love story. As a filmmaker, I have seen many wedding videos that seem more like a music video then a story of love, which is why I seek to create wedding films that capture not just the day, but the greater story of love that culminates in the wedding day. I do this through a process of learning the history and stories of the couple who make up the wedding by spending time getting to know them, creating relationships, and filming them not just on, but also before the wedding day.

It's a funny thing with documentary films - you want them to feel as entertaining and as gripping as a fictional film. With a fictional film you want it to feel as realistic as a documentary film.

- Jonathan Demme

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